Leonardo Dicaprio Net Worth

leo dicaprioLeo started in Hollywood at a young age according to www.networthinsider.com. As a child he was in a number of commercials as well as television shows. He was in the series The Growing Pains where he has a reoccurring role. Instead of being a teen heartthrob Leo decided to take on more serious roles. He appeared in the movie This Boy’s Life as well as What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. He even got nominated for an Oscar for best supporting actor. Leo got a box office hit with Romeo and Juliet and then came Titanic.

Titanic Success

Leo played one of the leading roles in the Titanic movie. This film went on to break all kinds of records at the box office. This movie is still considered to be one the best movies ever made. After this Leo had a number of successes . He appeared in a number of top grossing movies including The Departed, Shutter Island , and The aviator. Leo has won a number of awards including the Golden Globe and Entertainment Awards. He has also done some good for the environment. Leo has donated several million dollars to help fight global warning and help save wildlife that was endangered. He even has his own private island that is being turned into a resort that is completely eco friendly. This will save more animals and make him more money. He started next to Gwen Stefani in The Aviator.

Leonardo Dicaprio is one of the biggest stars of all time and he has the bank account to show it. Leo has talent and the patients to find good movie roles that will showcase this talent. In return he has made a lot of money for his work and he continues to perform in movie.

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