Best Watches for Kids

Children of all ages, enjoy having a watch to wear. Even as young ones, they like to feel grown up, although some of them can’t tell time yet! To find the right watch, there are certain things to consider. Style, fit, and cost are things to look for. There are many brands to choose from.

Analog Watches

Magical Unicorns is a watch made by Swatch. This watch has beautiful crystals that look like diamonds. Your little princess will love it! The Flik Flak line of Swatch also has a blue and black watch that is durable and stylish enough for any child. Finally, how about a Lego watch that your child can build, complete with Legos to change the pattern on the face of the watch. Add the fact that this one is splash proof and you will have a winner for your child. The unique thing about each of these watches is that they are analog, which helps your child learn to tell time, the “old fashioned” way.

Digital Watches

Another type of watch available for children today is the digital kind. Rumba makes a lightweight watch that could be for boys or girls. The digital face is easy to read for any age. Nordstrom offers a silicone watch that is unique in that there are different band choices that are interchangeable. The LED digital time is easy to read.Timsty makes a sports digital watch that looks durable and is waterproof.

Smart Watches

Filip offers the smart watch that is touted as the best smartwatch for kids. It has all the features of an Apple watch but also boasts durable games for kids. It has a GPS tracker which many parents appreciate. Another choice for smartwatches is The VTech Kidizoom Plus. Designed for younger children. With many vibrant colors to choose from, it will keep your little ones busy with its fun applications. Another popular smartwatch for children is the Ambygear smart watch. It, too, comes with GPS tracking and parental controls. Kids are sure to love the styling of the AmbyGear.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of watches to choose from, for your particular child. Depending on which features are important to you, watches make an excellent gift for children of any age. Find more gifts at

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